Time-based Communication


in the BDes joint program at York University/Sheridan College, Winter 2008

Nick the Greek

There are quite a few excellent examples of type in motion styled like this one. The rhythm and intonation of the type are cuing off the voice over, which creates a dramatic and powerful way of visual listening (just made that up). As I watch this piece, I hang on every word with a hyper-sensitivity of the character’s voice. The scale, colour, movement of the type works to intensify the intimidation factor and creates the sensation of threat two inches from our face. Use of extra sounds (knife, footsteps) and visual elements (z axis, splattering, boot prints) move away from only using type and add a subtle emphasis that elevates the meaning.

And besides, if you have seen Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels by Guy Ritchie you might enjoy this take…


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